– Is Jalinus Arya Co. a producing company?

No, this company is the agent of producing companies for selling products and offering after-sale services in various countries.

The producing companies which have signed contracts with Jalinus Arya Co. are just responsible for production, and after production services. The other required affairs including transportation, sale, after-sale services and maintenance are handled by Jalinus Arya Co.

– Who are the clients of Jalinus Arya Co.?

The vast range of the equipment and merchandise of Jalinus Arya Co. makes almost everybody connected. Our clients can be divided in some major groups including hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers, ministries of health, the Army, physicians and dentists.

– How does Jalinus Arya Co. manage its affairs?

Jalinus Arya Co. cooperates with the producers which their products meet international standards and are of high quality.

– How can clients inquire about prices or make purchase?

Jalinus Arya Co. has considered three methods for this issue as follows:

1- Phone call: You can call us and submit your requests to our sales experts. In this way, the invoice of the goods you have requested will be sent to your mailbox.

2- Website: You can visit the company’s website and choose all the items you are interested in and complete the order stages. In 24 hours, the invoice will be sent to your mailbox, so you will be informed of the prices.

3- Email: You make your order by sending an email message to the company’s email address Sales@jalinusarya.com . In 24 hours, the invoice will be sent to your mailbox, so you will be informed of the prices.

    In all of these three ways, your call number will be received so that our experts call you in case of any problems or ambiguities in your order. When you receive the invoice, in case you approve it, you will sign and seal (i.e. your clinic’s seal) it and send it back by email to the company.

– How can producers (suppliers) get informed on the details of cooperation with Jalinus Arya Co.?

Producers (suppliers) can contact us using the email address of info [at] jalinusarya.com or call us at +982188983034-5 to get the full information on cooperation terms and initial negotiations.