Jalinus Arya, a Jalinus Group subsidiary, was established in 2009 and started its activity in medical equipment importation using the most professional medical equipment engineers.

As the first step Jalinus Arya introduced itself to the international market by holding first Specialized Exhibition of Iran Medical Capabilities in Iraq.

Afterwards the following unique success were achieved:

  • Selling 39 central devices and 500 vital signs monitors produced by Saadat Co. as the first and greatest official contract between Iraq Ministry of Health and Iranian medical equipment producers.
  • Selling more than 500 hospital beds to Iraq Ministry of Health.
  • Exclusive agent of the most famous Iranian medical equipment producers and also medical equipment exporters’ union
  • Membership in the medical equipment exporters’ board of directors
  • Implementing patient monitor production line
  • Establishment of Jalinus Building containing head office, permanent show room and an eye clinic
  • 24-h after sale services
  • Opening Jalinus Office in Syria, Damascus
  • Opening Jalinus Building in Baghdad containing head office, permanent show room, eye clinic and warehouse

These are a small part of what Jalinus has done and now we are the first Iranian manufacturer of medical equipment in Iran and greatest importer to this country.Now Jalinus Group, with more than 30 employees is ready to serve hospitals and manufacturers all over the Middle East.