Jalinus Arya

Jalinus Arya knowledge-Based Company started its work in 2009 with the aim of exporting Iran goods and services in healthcare. Jalinus Arya headquarter is based in Tehran and works with Iraqi, Turkish and Syrian local partners in three fields of Industrial and commercial, Technical and Engineering Services and healthcare.

Our Mission

By using a young and professional team, we endeavour to transfer Iranian knowledge and technology to target countries for sustainable exports and the establishment of Commonwealth companies. We are happy that we have achieved acceptable results from the beginning of our journey and we are determined to achieve the best with more experience than before.

Our Vision

We intend to take an effective step towards the prosperity of our country’s non-oil exports by exporting technical knowledge, technology , technical and engineering services to Iraq and the countries of the region for joint production and operation.

Our Services

Industrial and Commercial Services

Healthcare Services

Technical and Engineering Services

Our Target Audience

Technical and Engineering Companies
Merchants and Trading Companies
Investors interested in joint ventures outside Iran

Our Partners

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