About Us

The words of the CEO

As the CEO of Jalinus Arya , I believe that the scientific and industrial capacities of my country, Iran, are very high despite the bad media advertisements and we do our best to export products, services and knowledge of manufacturers, hoping to see the name of my country shinning in the international scenes as it deserves.

Amir Gheisari

Organizational Values

  • Honorable Business and Global Thinking
  • Commitment and Responsibility
  • Ethical Entrepreneurship
  • Respect for the Privacy of Staff and Their Empowerment

Company History and Timeline

  • Holding the first exhibition of Iranian medicine and medical equipment in Baghdad
  • Sales representative of the most reputable Iranian medical equipment companies in Iraq

  • Establishment of Jalinus Arya medical equipment showroom in Baghdad
  • Winning 44 government tenders of the Iraqi Ministry of Health
  • Installation of Iranian medical equipment in more than 83 hospitals in 16 Iraqi provinces
  • Launching the assembly line of the vital signs monitor in the Jalinus Arya building (until 2015)
  • Providing 24-hour after sales service with experienced Iraqi and Iranian personnel from three bases in northern, central and southern Iraq
  • Establishment of a Jalinus Arya medical equipment showroom in Damascus (until 2016)
  • Treatment of more than 2000 Iraqi patients and companions in Iran and offering a complete accommodation and treatment package (until 2016)
  • Selected as an excellent treater for Iraqi patients by the Iraqi Ministry of Health
  • Signing a contract with the Iraqi Ministry of Health as the only Iranian company to treat Iraqi patients in Iran
  • Establishment of a specialized ophthalmology clinic in Jalinus building in Baghdad with Iranian ophthalmologists (until 2016)
  • Design, construction and equipped of the first specialized bone marrow transplant center in Najaf
  • Appreciation of Jalinus Arya Company for its efforts and success in the field of medical equipment export by Dr. Reza Masaeli, Head of Iran National Medical Device Director (IMED)
  • Establishment of Al-Amaneh Iraqi Company for registration and import of medical equipment from Iran to Iraq
  • Establishment of Jalinus Arya orthoses and prostheses clinic with Iranian experts in Jalinus Building in Baghdad (until 2020)
  • Selection and recognition as an excellent exporter of medical equipment and after-sales services by Mr. Safavi, Head of Iran National Medical Device Director (IMED)
  • Achieved Danesh Bonyan ( knowledge-based ) title from Iran National Innovation Fund of Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology
  • Launching a production line of seven medical equipment products in Iraq
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